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Common Questions

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It’s natural to have questions when making a decision, especially when there’s tech involved. For your convenience, I’ve compiled a list of the questions I receive most frequently. If you’re curious about something that’s not listed, let me know!

nefeli gardens

What is your turnaround time?

It depends on the Apt/House size, client requirements and what's included in the Photography Package.

In general:

  • For a 1bedroom apartment - around 2h

  • For a 2bedroom apartment - around 3h

  • For a Villa - around 4h

Villa Baci

Can I tailor-make a package that fits my needs?

Of Course, it might result in different pricing though.

In order to obtain the current prices Vs the attractive packages I offer, I have to maintain a regular working procedure.

However, you are most certainly welcome to ask for anything within my field to fit your needs.

Vila Baci

Do you photograph vacant properties?

Yes-If you are in need of some photo's of an empty- new (or after Renovation) Asset, I can do that as well.
In Holiday Rental Photography I Usually meet a representative person, such as the Real-Estate agent of the client. who may stay or not with me during the shoots. In many cases they leave the key with me and I return it into the lock box at the end of the shooting day.

Vacant house photography

How do you ensure that you capture the best features of our property?

First of all, I hope that looking into this web site, you will find the answer for your question:)

I usually ask from my clients a list of important items & features of their asset, to put into my intentions.

Choosing what to photograph, depends a lot of the purposes of the photo-shoot, if for AirBNB, Booking etc, or if it is for an Instagram atmospheric page, or a collection of photo's for future social-media posts.

how long does it take to edit photos

What is your turnaround time for delivering edited photos?

nowadays, each photo goes through photoshop (or similar) for either basic corrections to more complex editing for different purposes.

For Still Photography- up to 1 week

For the Video Clip - Up to 2 weeks

* it depends on my availability in the current period

bed side lamp

Can you accommodate specific requests or preferences in terms of style or aesthetic?

Every good photo could use a good styling.

although I give my inputs in the planing stage and while shooting, it isn't one of my services.

I always recommend hiring a good styling person to set the place up, sometimes, where I shoot in a familiar place, I can assist in finding one. 

Liran Kaminer

What is your pricing structure and what does it include?

Prices very depends on:

  • World location and matching local prices

  • Job requirements (Stills, Video, Drone)

  • Post-production requirements (editing)

  • Asset kind/size.

  • Expenses (Driving, Flying, Touring etc).

Example for Price Breakdown in Paphos, Cyprus

(Expenses not included):

1-2 Bedrooms Apartment

  1. Pictures only: €200

  2. Pictures + Walkthrough video: €300

  3. Pictures + Walkthrough video +  Drone video: €360


3 Bedroom Apartment / Villa

  1. Pictures only: €300

  2. Pictures + Walkthrough video: €450

  3. Pictures + Walkthrough video + Drone video: €540

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